Activities to get in touch with your organs:

  • Hug someone, then hug different organ areas with your hands - release and feel your fullness
  • with soft lips or a toilet paper roll HUM into different areas of your friends torso - starting with the lungs - just enjoy and share your experience
  • Roll on a ball: Meet the ball with your organs and feel the support of the ball up from the earth
  • Lungs: Take your hands and lay them gently on any area of your lungs, say the upper ribs under the neck - your lungs fill the ribcage from within! Let your hands ride the breath. Just use the amount of effort needed to crinkle a penny on your skin..this can be very meditative, Take your time and use the ball to breath in to areas hard to touch / like your back.
  • Notice how the HEART gets massaged by each breath!

 Watch the inflation of lungs video here