FEB in Florence 2017

Tools for Embodiment

Christine Cole will share Somatic insight and anatomical study on how our body and the Nervous System work:

Learn reset practices: somatic meditation, apply breath andmovement to find your ground.. Anchor into deep connection to self and nature, community. Flush your synapses to break shock and overwhelm and re-establish the ability of your Nervous System to sift through information, build your skills, plan your response and move into action!

Studio Firenze, 140 Pine St, 2nd floor, Florence, MA




The Spine: Spirals and Tensegrity

 Ebb n'FLow Yoga, Northborough,MA

  10-5pm each day (lunch 12:30-2) $160/$180

We think we know the spine, but let’s take a closer look at how weight is guided through the torso up and down, between feet/ hips and head and how the spine is designed to articulate! Ligaments create a suspended light structure of mobility and disks offer cushioning and rebound! Come for this two day intensive, explore the evolution from fish to mammals, from ocean to land in your own spine - shake up your spinal movement patterns and see how that invigorates your life and practice.

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Intro to SOMATIC BODY TRAINING Three -April   

The Nervous System

 Ebb n'FLow Yoga, Northborough,MA

  10-5pm each day (lunch 12:30-2) $160/$180

In the last 20 years there have been great new discoveries and shifts in how we understand the Nervous System. This weekend we will look at how the brain and the body organize movement, our emotions and our state. We will touch on the Polyvagal theory, autonomic balance, sensory integration - through somatizations, movement and touch. Bring your questions, concerns and allow for a weekend of discovery and travel through the synapses of your consciousness.

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OCT 30                              Trust your Gut! 

 Ebb n'FLow Yoga, Northborough,MA

 10-5pm (lunch 12:30-2) early bird $80 then $100

Trust your Gut! Our organs give us a sense of 3 dimensionality and fullness, the enteric nervous system sets the baseline for our wellbeing and intuition, each organ serve vital functions, and often contributes to asymmetrical alignment issues. Come and spend a whole day reconnecting to the wisdom and joy within your body: Your organs!

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Northampton: Somatic Explorations Tues 10 - 12 noon weekly

For the 3rd year!! Each and every Tuesday SEPT- JUNE 

This is a Study Group - So if you are interested or experienced  with movement, touch or inquiry, please join this focused yet playful exploration of the body systems through movement touch and scientific study. 
Catch a class and give yourself time to move, breathe, explore and ponder life through the lens of the body. 

9 class series 180 (sliding scale to $135)
Single classes $15- $20 (15-19 low income) 
Scholarships available

 Studio Firenze, Florence Community Center 2nd floor, back entrance, 140 Pine St, Florence,

Nine Mountain Retreat  The Magic of Embodiment 

 7-8:30 Embodiment Class - 8:30  Tea and Embodiment talk

Come enjoy a Body-Mind Centering class in beautiful 9  Mountain Retreat and stay to discuss what Somatic Embodiment is, how it works and how it can support and effect our actions in the world.

Have you wanted to learn more about Body-Mind Centering?  Do you want to deepen or widen your movement possibilities and touch abilities?  Join us for an afternoon of body exploration. Through touch, movement and the use of developmental patterns we will integrate ourselves through our whole body! 
Location: Nine Mountain Retreat, donation requested $5-20

Embryo - Flow w/ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

at Earthdance, Plainfield , MA 

June 23 - 26 WIth Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen,  and Christine Cole

go to earthdance.net  for more info and registration