Homework and Preparation for Senses and Perception


 Prepare your Anatomy:

  1. Watch these  youtube videos:  OVERVIEW,  all senses - playlist

  2.   Cochlea, Open Text book: SENSES, Cochlear FLASHcards, Article on Smell in the Body

  3. Review and color the coloring book pages for Senses: 94-99

  4. Create a Model/ art/music choice/ poem that expresses an aspect of Senses and Perception

  5. Research : Taste - ? Smell - Nitzan, Hearing - Pierre, Sight - Misty, ? - Aliza, ?

  6.  Read Sensing, Feeling and Action p.63 Sensing Feeling and Action, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

  7. Explore your senses either in dance or in a regular practice you do: dish washing, yoga, hiking, biking, etc.  

  8. Stay connected with your folks!

through all this - follow your curiosity, make your own way, add in things that interest you........

Special Books for this unit:

You can order these for a few dollars online at ALIBRIS.COM

The senses of man, Joan Steen Wilentz, 1968

A Natural History of the Senses, by Diane Ackerman, any year - 1991 is fine

The first is intriguing wide range of info written like a story, the latter is more focused on neurological info on the senses.