New Nervous System- Fall Workshops

 Prepare your Anatomy:

  1. LISTEN these  youtube videos: Start with some by   Rodolfo LLinas  - what do Brains do? How are Brains Structured? How do Brains act?

  2. WATCH: Go to NeuroGlial  Playlist. pick the ones you can learn from. 

  3. Play with the Biodigital Human for true wild 3D (you can click and unclick bones/organs/muscles to see underneath structures or simpler: 3d Brain Model Online - You can move the model to see it from all kinds of angles. Click on pull down menu to choose which areas to focus on. This puts your 2D anatomy book in perspective

  4. More Science Articles: Learning is the key to happiness,  MIT On pruning, Musclespindle and Central Nervous System, You are your Brain,  Brain learning throughout life, Mindful Movement cultivates Attention - one of the few scientific studies on somatic movement, Porges on Parasympathetic, Exercise Improves Brain Function, awesome detail photos of the nerves, glial cells and arteries/ venes, Gut-Microbes set circadian rhythm,  

  5. Literature List: non-required/ possibly cool
    A User's Guide to the Brain, John J. Ratey, M.D., Pantheon Books, 2001
    The Mind within the Net: Models of Learning, Thinking, and Acting, Manfred Spitzer, MIT Press, 1999
    i of the vortex: From Neurons to Self, Rodolfo R. Llinas, MIT Press, 2001
    Sensing Feeling and Action, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, 2012, 3rd ed. - purchase from Contact Quarterly 


What to do when you are stressed? Would you like to experience new ways to leave stress behind, reduce depression, and find a way to flow?

1. Before animals had an nervous system, they were supported by the flow of fluids carrying information through the body. This chemical receptiveness is still in us. We can still rely on the flow of our movements and our fluids to support our nerves

This underlying sense of flow, which can be experienced through sound, meditation of movement is a great tool for yourself, or your practice with clients in psychology, or body therapies.

In this course you will experience new ways to find FLOW in your body and allow your mind to rest, recuperate and re- ignite.

2. Movement is FIRST! 

When Organisms grow a Nervous System - which they do AFTER the muscles start moving - they are drawn to the movement - they perceive this muscle action and slowly start to coordinate these possible variants. The other information flowing back to the brain from the skeletal muscular system: sensation, digestion, tone are assembled into a whole 3Dimensional experience. 

We CAN keep going back to that initial sense of wonder. When we improvise/ play we offer our nerves a NOVEL experience to record and its sets a line of re- coordinations, relearning, surprise and AWE. Most adults trim their movement options, narrow their choices, and eventually get tired. Bored or depressed. Let’s look at how the BODY gives us ways to support the clarity of our thinking, through meditation, dance and learning about this system. The photo shows the nerves securing the synapse on a muscle

3. We plan our actions, receiving input from our movement and sensations - and our brain learns: Our brain learns through this amazing coordinated orchestral hum of activity. The brain is always active - not just when we are thinking.  We learn - when different nerves join into a same frequency! 

Activities such as singing lullaby, drumming, and dancing in rhythm can now be seen as supportive of learning and understanding.

Are you wondering how to support your clients in changing patterns they are stuck in? Would you like to have different ways to shift out or fear or stuck places? Lets looks at ways to support these loosenings, these shifts as a group - Let's look at how our ways of relating can support ease and flow of our ideas, plans and imagination! We  can dream and flow as well as think and plan – all of these are the body working with the Mind.

4. Our belly brain - the brain of the gut actually sets the tone for the rest of the nervous system. Would you like to feel more at ease with yourself? Calm in your organs and digestion? In this workshop you will learn hands on techniques to support and rebalance the depth of your gut and so you will get the opportunity to release and enter into the mind of the OLDEST nervous system: that of the gut! 

If you have any issues with digestion or would like greater access to your intuition - you r gut feeling: this will be an opportunity to receive some touch and somatization to unwind these tissues.