For the students at Saint Petersburg Dance Therapy Conference: Christine Cole Workshop

Fascia is directly enervated by neurons and affect interoception (being able to sense your body from inside) and proprioception -Without a sense of their fascia people have more eating disorders, depression, schizophrenia/ low proprioception. Fascia regulates movement speed and timing

Read this article: The Nature of Tendons and Ligaments

Here are some interesting articles, videos on tensegrity, fascia and connection. 

 Brooke Thomas' Liberated Body podcast - back from the BIOTENSEGRITY CONFERENCE ( also there are FasciaConferences)

BIOTENSEGRITY- THE MECHANICS OF FASCIA Stephen M. Levin Danièle-Claude Martin:

"Fascia is the fabric of the body; not the vestments, covering the corpus, but the warp and weft of the material. The other tissues, muscle and bone, liver and lung, gut and urinary, brain and endocrine, are embroidered into the fascia fabric".

 Prepare your Anatomy:

  1. Watch these  youtube videos: ligs of foot , ligs of spine, foot ligaments, shoulder ligaments., vertebral ligaments 

  2. Review the sections covering these bones and joints in the Anatomy Coloring Book and focus on ligament - 5, 17, 20-23, 25-27, 29-32 ,35-40