Watch 1st video all the way, 2nd video start at 7:45. adn 3rd is an anthropologist looking for the missing link between fish and land animals - and how flippers turned into limbs. 

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the limbs rotate in opposite directions: arms and hands outward, legs and knees inward as they both move from the side of the body to the front

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Our ability to sense, move, think and remember relies on precise patterns of connections set during embryonic development by billions of neurons in the brain and spinal cord that elaborate highly branched processes and send long axonal projections to contact their synaptic targets. Because nerve cells do not divide and proliferate, most of them are as old as we are – therefore each neuron needs to preserve its specialized morphology and connections for the entire life of the organism, coping with aging, injury and disease.
— Dario Bonanomi
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Below are progressions in development