Bring BMC or Somatic BODY classes  to your community!

Would you like to:

  • Deepen your study  of the Developmental Movement Patterns for your therapy practice?

  • Explore the Anatomy of your body through embodiment, dance and performance?

  • Gain hands-on techniques to expand your practice?

  • Create a somatic learning community?

Set up a Weekend/ Week or Full Somatic Training!

2018 Feb/ March in AUSTRALIA, 2017 USA / Europe

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Christine Cole is a the Director of Somatic Body Training, Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, with a practice in Body-Mind Centering that extends over 30 years. She's held Faculty positions at the School for Body-Mind Centering® in Amherst, MA and Amsterdam, Holland, and runs her own trainings in Boston, Vermont, Montreal and Northampton, MA. She has a lifelong practice in Contact Improvisation, Post-Modern and Improvisational Dance and maintains a private practice in Developmental Bodywork in downtown Northampton, MA, USA.

List of past  and possible workshops - make your own:

 Evolution in The Womb - Our Experience of Life in the Ocean

We will explore the movement patterns of one-celled animals, sponges, jellyfish and dolphins in order to re-experience our body moving in free floating three dimensional space.  We will re-inspire our connection to the natural world and connect deeply with ourselves in order to replace the model of 'doing,' with a model of 'being.'  This work will offer seeds of inspiration for meditation, fluid touch, and moving with effortlessness. 

Body-Mind Centering is a method of inquiry and an in-depth study of the body through the lens of developmental movement. 
In these workshops we will be guided through exercises that involve moving, observing, doing hands-on exploration and using anatomy books to research the body.

We will dance, practice bodywork, find understanding and have fun.The workshop will include the interests and needs of the group.


Trust your Gut!

Polyvagal and Enteric Nervous system- a BMC perspective
This is a somatic exploration class, where we will go to the source of our instincts: the layers of neural nets, the ancient nervous system of the intestines. There are more nerves in the gut than in the rest of the body!Let’s see what happens when we free our intuition and play.

Then we will turn to the Autonomic Nervous System. You will learn how the Polyvagal System works and how to move and do hands-on to support this system. Then we will integrate our brain into this new support for our vital active brain functions as well as freedom of movement. ____________________________________________________

The Embodiment of Relationship

Bonding, defending, attachment, safety, protection & restoration in relationship to self & other and environment are significant  events for the  Somatic Practitioner

The Developmental Movement Patterns provide  different ways for the growing  baby to negotiate and engage with the world. These are basic neurological patterns the baby genetically evolves through, from birth to walking.  These movement templates are potent tools for coming into relatedness.

You will be guided through movement patterns and your own personal experience, through dance and touch.

Our final session will discuss the  professional application: Christine will offer her perspective on how they apply these potent tools in their own practice.


Body-Mind Centering   Somatic Exploration Course    Embodiment

From deep inside the marrow of our bones to the vast expanse of our outermost layer of our skin the practice of Body-Mind Centering is a practice of embodying our full selves in all our tissues. We will be exploring different aspects of how we relate to ourselves, in our relationships and our environment.

Sensory/ Motor Integration, Developmental Movement and the principles of Yield, Push, Reach, Pull are some of the elements we will explore in order gain insight into our own matrix and lovingly become acquainted with our personal patterns, expressions and the emotions that infuse our lives.


BMC and Contact Improvisation

Somatic inspiration &  physical skills to invigorate your dances

Become ready to have the dance of THIS MOMENT


New Nervous System Research for Movers and Bodyworkers

In the last 20 years many concepts in NeuroBiology have radically shifted. This series presents this information for somatic exploration.

There are some fantastic opportunities for awareness and integration based on these new concepts!

This workshop will be held in the spring of 2017 in Northampton, MA and then using recordings and online materials presented as an ONLINE COURSE. Go to for updates.

The material is to be explored through movement, discussion, drawing/writing/art and in nature.

  1. Gut Brain - How to connect with, unwind, clear and reveal this most ancient source of intuition based on our microbiome and the neural nets in the layers of the gut, which runs anterior to our Spinal nerves

  2. PolyVagal  - what is it? Where is it? How do the sympathetic and parasympathetic balance your inner focus with your outer engagement?

  3. Glial cells  - There are MORE Glial cells than nerves - They guide, feed, protect, clean  or starve nerves… what should we know about them - how can we integrate their touch

  4. Synapses and Learning: Synapses are created and released in every moment  - beginning with the Motor nerves - which embryologically travel out from the spinal cord to the muscles and embed themselves into the tissue - What does it do for you or your client to SECURE this nerve connection!?

  5. Llinas - Learning is nerves attuning their rhythm with each other - we are one great orchestra of nerve actions

  6. Mirror neurons for movers - Mirror neurons are part of the Premotor cells in our brain - they have a unique role to play in how we mimic and learn movement in family and community. How does our Pre-Motor Focus work? It is key our tone, our expectational mindset  - How can we change it?

Developmental Movement Workshop

In this workshop we will be alternately moving, observing, doing hands-on exploration and using anatomy books to research the body. Body- Mind Centering is as much a method of inquiry as it is an in depth study of the body through the lens of Developmental movement.

We will learn to see which Developmental Movement Patterns are present and how to support ease and learning through hands-on facilitation and play. Our daily body movements and our dance can expand, lighten, strengthen and  become finely tuned! Christine will demonstrate Developmental BMC repatterning sessions and there will be time to discuss and ask questions!This Weekend will have BABIES visiting – to teach us how it’s really done!