Christine Cole creates a lively, dynamic, juicy experiential learning environment - through a mix of visual, tactile and verbal learning - you just can’t help but deeply soak in all she has to offer. I highly recommend working with Christine!!!
— Amy LePage-Hansen, Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner
Each time I work with Christine I learn new pathways and gain deep embodied wisdom that stays with me. Christine’s teaching is rich and includes time for integration and assimilation. She connects what we learn about the body to nature and the wider ecosystems humans inhabit. Her background as a contact improviser, performer, and community member keeps me engaged. Christine is a generous teacher and mentor.
— Abbi Jaffe, Embodiment Activist and Teacher
Being a lover of the human form as artist & bodyworker I am always interested in finding new ways to engage the the body-mind and explore the infinite potential held within. In a single afternoon,
after playing & reveling in my skin with Christine Cole, I felt more connected and embodied than ever before. I continue to feel the vitality & aliveness in every cell and when I sense any disconnect-
I reference this one workshop to re-engage!
A truly transforming experience. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Christine.
— Devon Byers, Biodynamic Carniosacral Therapist
The strong wise woman holding the world in her body. She listens with her whole self, to your whole self, bones and all, and guides through that deep knowing of your self as human and as body. There is magic in her touch.
— Amanda Franz, Immanent Embodiment Revolutionist, Grower of Food and Medicine