Somatic Body is  a VSAC approved provider!

Vermont residents may apply for VSAC Non-Degree Grants for employment training each June for the duration of the 2 year program and receive up to $2500 each year, up to $7500 total

Please apply now!

These grants will be available for classes beginning  July 1st, with applications available mid June.  YOU MUST APPLY NOW FOR APRIL 2018! Please call us if you have questions! 413.320 7556

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Eligible participants must

  • Enroll in a course that will improve their employability
  • Meet income requirements (in our experience, students with an income less than $25,000 per year have received grants, although income guidelines are entirely decided by VSAC)
  • Have resided in Vermont for at least one year
  • Have been financially independent from their parents/guardians in 2011, 2012 & 2013 (this means, not living with parents for more than 6 weeks per year, not being claimed as a dependent and not receiving more than $1600 of support per year.

The grant award amount is based on financial need and the cost of the course. The maximum award amount per term is determined each year by VSAC based on funding availability.  

How to Apply

You can complete the Non-Degree application online for 2018-2019 once they are available in mid-June.  Applications are also available at Vermont Department of Labor offices, vocational centers, other schools, and VSAC. Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funding is available.This grant often takes a month to process, so make sure to apply early.  If you filed taxes in 2014, you will need to send copies of your tax returns and if you did not file, you will need to write a letter explaining why.  

For more information visit VSAC's grant page.

  • Create a new account username & password.
  • log in
  • Click "Work with Grants" link on the left side of the page.
  • Click "Submit Application" on left side of page
  • Click "2018-2019 Vermont Non-Degree Application" in center of page
  • Complete the grant application.  Usually takes ~10 minutes.

Here's the info needed for the Course Info:

  • School Name- Somatic Body Training
  • Course name- Somatic Body Training
  • Term- Fall
  • Start Date- April 11, 2018
  • Tuition- $ 2,850
  • Books/Fees/Supplies-$125
  • Course Length- 3 months (they may not ask this anymore)
  • Purpose for Taking Course-must be Employability to receive grant
  • You will need to send in 2014 tax return copies w/ w2's asap. If you don't have a copy of your tax return & W2's you can pick up a copy for free at an IRS office. If you did not file taxes, you should send a letter explaining why (ifyou made under ~$10,000, you are not required to file) & how you met your living expenses on such a limited income (ie.  i share a room with friends, work trade for rent, live in my car, use food stamps etc)

Mail to

  • VSAC– Grants Attn: non-degree grant program
  • PO Box 2000
  • Winooski VT 05404