US- Program Requirements

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Certification requirements sheet

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Partnering Lab Reports

Inquiry & Sharing Conversation (we have chosen to keep these reports separate, so you can enter your inquiry before you have a chance to discuss it with a colleague)

Case study

Post on SBT Website - insert photo/ illustration/ video/as well as your thoughts - use somatic language.

Private Session Receive sessions with professional Somatic Practitioners

Description of the Requirements:

Partnering Lab:

You will spend ONE hour receiving as well as ONE hour offering attention and support or investigation of your ideas on the current material with a colleague: This may be a bodywork session, a movement exploration and may include verbal or artistic expression.Partnering Lab Reports


Investigate last months theme: Bones of the Upper and lower body , take any one piece of information and play with it further: dance, teach, have a conversation, watch children move- Make a record of this: Photos, notes, video, comments, drawings, audio of your voice..Inquiry ..Share this experience with one of your colleagues CALL THEM or VIDEO MEET. take additional notes - Send or bring report to Somatic Body Faculty.. post some part of it online for the group. ( report your inquiry/ response) Sharing Conversation Case Study: Over the course of the program you will offer 5 sessions in Somatic Body - either movement or bodywork or combined with a person NOT in the program and share your methods, process. and insight.Case study

Make 5 online posts

in any system on your personal SBT web page,( a photo, a link, a source suggestion and your text) then announce your post to the facebook group page. These posts are a great way to share how you have been playing with the material in sessions/ teaching or your personal life - or you can share an insight or cool information you have found. Please use Somatic Body language, use correct anatomical and movement analytic terms , let us know your questions, as well as what insights, feelings or questions you came away with.

Private Session

Receive 5 session with professional Somatic Practitioner - receiving somatic sessions in the field will give you personal opportunities to integrate the material and experience different approaches to this work. Private Session Final Project -Final projects will be presented at the July Training 14-23rd. The project shows your engagement with the Somatic Material, your ability to look closer at the material. You can choose to look at any learned material again - in depth or take a unique vantage point, like: sexuality, digestion, that combines different systems. Please also address how you would like this information to be seen, felt, learned, revealed and which modality of presentation you are choosing: class, performance, article, presentation, demonstration. Consider how you would like your audience to engage.

Final Project

Regardless of your presentation - you are required to write a full page or more on your theme, your questions, your process and your outcome, possibly the future of this work. 
You will have approx 1/2 hour to present!


General Info  - Great to Look at AGAIN!