WELCOME to the Online Embryo Course.

You are ALWAYS welcome to share a video, drawing , writing, feelings, either directly to Christine   - embodyourlife@gmail.com  or to the facebook group or the email list.  facebook page here

Online Embryology Sources: Free Online Embryology- simple,  Free Online very detailed embryology, Blechschmidt models   

Russian/English google sheet

Here are Images that inspire my learning!


Please watch some of these very short videos before we meet - they truly are beautiful - you can just give yourself and your cells to the experience of cellular motion, cellular activity, and replication.

Let your body respond. your breath respond, allow your mind to go with the flow.

Click on the LEFT TOP BARS on the video screen to see the complete PLAYLIST

First week: From One cell to many cells.....PRINT out this drawing and look at stages 1-6 today.

OOcyte (EGG) - morula - blastocyst - releasing/ hatching from zona pellucida - entering into uterine wall. 

Below are progressions in development