Here we research the developmental patterns in the womb - we come from the sea and will be expressing these animals of the sea in movement.



Male and female gametes meet and combine into ONE cell , which is the beginning of the new life.

“To think of the egg, think of the heavens, and of weather. The body of the egg is the sun; it is as round and as magisterial as the sun. It is the only spherical cell in the body. Other cells may be shaped like cinched-in boxes or drops of ink or doughnuts that don’t quite form a hole in the middle, but the egg is a geometer’s dream. The form makes sense: a sphere is among the most stable shapes in nature. If you want to protect your most sacred heirlooms — your genes — bury them in spherical treasure chests. Like pearls, eggs last for decades and they’re hard to crush, and when they’re solicited for fertilization, they travel jauntily down the fallopian tube.

How different is the status of the sperm. A sperm cell may be tinier than an egg, measuring only a small fraction of the volume. And men, I will set aside my zygotic bias here to say that your sperm are indeed magnificent when magnified, vigorous, slaphappy, whip-tailed tears, darting, whirling, waggling, heading nowhere and everywhere at once, living proof of our primordial flagellar past.”





Embryo, Prespinal and Intro 2018 SBT

Welcome to the FIRST homework page for the new Somatic BODY Training in Moscow!

Here are a wide variety of ways to prepare for the embodiment:

The Anatomy Coloring Book pages are REQUIRED

All else is for you to browse as you wish, so choose your videos and readings!

It will be so helpful to come with an understanding of some the concepts of embryology and the animals that make up our oceanic predecessors. You will be able to explore and play more freely with the material.
Sometimes learning ahead feels dry and un-interesting, and only later will this learning make sense in your body/ mind and those parts will come together in the classes!

So please: Read, draw, watch videos and enter into to material for each unit!

In the next 6 months you will not only enter into embryology, where we will bring in embryology of bone in bone unit, and embryology of organs etc, but you will learn to identify the bones of the body AND the location and function of the organs. By the end of the first year you will be able to identify MOST of the ligaments and the muscles.

Parallel to all this material you will enter into the ways that Somatic Practitioners work: the tools of movement exploration, study, touch, awareness and have experience in watching the balance of unconscious and conscious change and transformation.

Each unit introduces one of the significant Developmental Movement Patterns infants go through in their first year and relates these patterns to their corresponding growth and change in perceptual awareness, psychological states, and the relationship patterns they foster. These Patterns are significant tools of assessment and observation for the Somatic BODY Practitioner, they allow us to recognize strengths and holes in people’s movement and the corresponding pain or injury, imbalances and stress.

By the end of the first year you have the experience of moving through all these different systems and developmental states, and have the support of all your knowledge of the alive anatomy of the will have witnessed your colleagues and had time and support to learn more about yourself, your patterns and experienced new ways of thinking and moving, breathing and being present.

In the second year we can then start focusing on bodywork treatments, teaching embodiment as well as enter into the Hormones, Senses, and the Nervous System.

Welcome to the program!

I look forward to meeting you in April and starting this two year learning and engagement with EMBODIMENT! Those who have met me know that I both hold this material deeply and seriously, as well as I believe in the power of improvisation, humor and chaos to inspire the truth of the body!~ We will have fun.

Free Online Resources:

Ссылки на книги
Larsen's human embryology…
Савельев. Изменчивость и гениальность…
Савельев. Происхождение мозга.…
Савельев. Церебральный сортинг…
Савельев. Нищета мозга…

Wisdom of body moving…
Sensing, feeling, and action…

Required Books:

  • Anatomy Coloring Book, Wynn Kapit, Lawrence M Elson, PH.D, 2013 ed.

  • Atlas of the Human Body, Frank Netter, 2006 ed. or later

  • Look on Alibris or Amazon (many $5 - $20)

  • Your favorite Anatomy Kinesiology reference




Homework - Preparation

  1. Prespinal: Watch these  youtube videos  :  Amoeba moves, Jelly fish: ocean, ocean 2 , science of jellyfish,  Life in a drop of pond water, Anenomes communicate, anenome more, sponges here , sponge filtration,  Starfish eating, starfish movement, chordates, evolution of prevertebral / precordate animals, tunicates, tunicate pucker, mollusks, Echinoderms , (how starfish move 7:31)- The Ultimate Animal, Notochord to Neuraltube, Your inner fish.   (Choose other sources that you like and let us all know what you have found!)HERE

  2. Review and color the coloring book pages on Oceanic animals -

    1.Sponge Morphology



    For non- English speakers: color in and read about these animals online or in a Russian book!

    GREAT INFO and ALSO pages 5 & 6 in the regular Anatomy Coloring Book

  3. Embryology Videos: Sperm & Egg, From One Cell, Blood Circulation/ Placenta, Becoming a Body,

  4. Create a Model/ art/music choice/ poem that expresses an aspect of life forms in the ocean, one celled animals, womb life, amoebic motion or jellyfish, starfish

  5.  Read

  6. Explore videos, actual water  - ocean river pond  - either in dance or in a regular practice you do: dish washing, yoga, washing a baby, hiking, biking, etc.  

  7. Stay connected with your folks!

through all this - follow your curiosity, make your own way, add in things that interest you........




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Becoming a body!