Homework and Preparation for Endocrine/Chakras


 Prepare your Anatomy:

  1. Watch these  youtube videos: go to this playlist

  2.  Read/bring materials on the chakras with a focus on how they relate to the endocrine system. (Choose other sources that you like and let us all know what you have found!)HERE

  3. Review and color the coloring book for Endocrine: pages 149-154, ALSO  read up online or in BIOLOGY or physiology books everything you want to know about the endocrine system! It is fascinating! 

  4. Create a Model/ art/music choice/ poem that expresses an aspect of Endocrine:

  5.  Read Sensing, Feeling and Action p.54 The Neuro-Endocrine System

  6. Explore videos, and bring the glands to life in your body either in dance or in a regular practice you do: dish washing, yoga, washing a baby, hiking, biking, etc.  

  7. Stay connected with your folks!

    * Also, take a look at the ISMETA Code of Ethics and familiarize yourself with it

Additional Resources:

  • Skull videos:




through all this - follow your curiosity, make your own way, add in things that interest you........