Q1. What if I can't be there every week?

The live meeting will be recorded and posted for you to catch up

Q2. How do I join the live meetings

You will receive an invite to a ZOOM meeting - the # stays the same over the 6 weeks. There is no extra charge, you just register with ZOOM

Q3. Do I have to listen through the whole recording?

Christine posts exerpts that are perfect for you to meditate, dance or listen

Q4. When is the sale over?

December 23 - just before the holidays

Q5. I know nothing about embryology - can I even follow along?

Best is if you know your learning style: take a look at the material, the list of anatomical names Read or watch some videos, draw BEFORE with the info given on the Webpages - or AFTER our live meeting

Click on the LEFT TOP BARS on the video screen to se the complete PLAYLIST

Here are Images that inspire my learning!

Here are videos to introduce you some of the concepts of Embryology before the Workshop! 
I look forward to studying with you - Christine Cole-Cohen

Dear folks - if you get a chance - it is helpful to wrap yourself around some of the concepts and the general FLOW of human embryological development.

These notes were put together for EMBRYOFLOW - a workshop with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen at Earthdance, Mass., USA in June 2016. 

The Photos on the left are either insightful or just so beautiful - enjoy. You may want to printout the 2nd one and use it as a reference - It is so much to wrrap your mind and body around!

Upper Limb development - READ this about limb development!


 ONLINE community- share your experiences, questions, discoveries

I ran this course last year - Let me know if you might be interested in an online course

Below are progressions in development