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Organs/ Homologous / Ribs, Pelvis

  • Earthdance 252 Prospect St Plainfield, MA 01070 USA (map)

Here we are dancing and exploring the dIgestive tract, our relationship with taking in and letting go, also our lungs and breathing, our spiral heart and circulation. The sexual organs embryonic development gives information about our ability to treasure our DNA, keep it from changing and deliver it into the the next generation.

We tap into the enteric nervous system, which is independent from the brain and operates with a wide range of chemical and microbiome choicemaking and collaboration. Then we move into the Autonomic Nervous system, which includes the Vagus and Sympathetic nerves and provides the rhythm of wellbeing and trust from within our own body.

Each organ has its own function and expresses itself in dance in a wide range of different ways. In fact - one can diagnose clients by organ, as it supports or falls out of developmental movement patterns. The organs FILL us, they provide a fullness and depth to our movement and expression in life.

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Neurology, Memory & Learning
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