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Embryology Online Jan/ Feb

6 week study guide, conversation and exploration on EMBRYOLOGY for the Moving Body.

Have you wanted to learn embryology from a somatic point of view?  Or deepen your understanding?

Delve into the mystery of your own becoming!

Get in DEEPER – Study  Course offers:

  •  One intro video – to watch anytime
  •  5 LIVE online WebVideo classes
  •   Live discussion time after class
  •  4 recorded audio somatizations 
  •  ONLINE community- share your experiences, questions, discoveries
  • Reference materials and handouts per class 

Embryo ONE

Jan - Feb 13th

  1.     Introduction to Somatic Embryology - Fertilization
  2.     One Cell – Many Cells
  3.     Blood and Circulation, Placenta, Vessels
  4.     3 Germ layers to body
  5.    Notochord - Neurulation
  6.    Summary Wrap up

Embryo TWO  

Jan 14 - Feb 13

TUE 12:30pm  US time/ 20:30 Russia/ 19:30 Europe 

  1.    Embryo: Rhythms of development
  2.   Yolk/ Amnion - Autonomic rhythm
  3.    Yolk to organs
  4.    Neuro and brain/ Knowing SELF
  5.    Muscles and movement
  6.    Limb Development –  Bone/  Rotation

Embryo THREE April 2018 dates coming

  1.   Yolk/ Amnion - Autonomic rhythm
  2.   Kidney / Bladder - migrations/ reinventions
  3.   Genitals, pelvic floor
  4.   Mouth, palate, skull face
  5.   Ears, Eyes, nose - Perception
  6.   Integration / Overview

This class provides a framework for your studies, opportunities for your questions, and a community to bounce around your thoughts and inquiry.

 Christine Cole

studied Embryology with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen since 1998 and cotaught EMBRYOflow at Earthdance, MA in 2016.

This course is a surprise – as an online Skype supervision went fabulously and opened my eyes to the possibility of conveying somatic embodiment through my voice, visuals  and conversation.