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 Embryo, Prevertebral Patterns & Intro to SomaticBODY
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Embryo, Prevertebral Patterns & Intro to SomaticBODY

Practicing the return into embryonic time allows us to access our being before our nervous system ran the show. It is a time of amazing growth organized by cellular choice making, renewal, change and growth: these can become templates for our lives now and can heal our organism, our neuro-endocrine balance.

Notocordal time (the soft spine appears and disappears before our now spine) is  time of moving in the dark - the underwater headless fish that swims side to side. Deep water holds embraces  supports buoyancy. IT is less sensing out but feeling one-self moving. the bubbles filled with fluid propelling the body through space. Pressure fields of ocean, currents meet the movement of your body - this embryonic stage supports deep inner knowing, inner focus and movement.

This is the first unit of the MOSCOW Somatic BODY Training - which is open to students of the full program and a few other folks with some background in the field of somatics for single workshops.

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