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Jaw, Vocalization & CSF Moscow

The JAW, Vocalization and Cranial sacral Rhythm

THis unit will offer a deep focus on the areas of the neck and jaw; just about every client and student has significant pain, alignment issues. The Jaw is a common area of holding it can hold stress and is the gateway to eating/nourishment/ kissing, opening and engaging with the world. We will look at the prespinal pattern and add detailed information on nursing and mouthing, which related to food and sex and vocal expression.

The neck, throat and vocal cords coordinate our relationships through sound and word and song. These studies will bring all of the previous learning in the program together and introduce fine bodywork and communication skills in this realm.

Cranial Sacral Rhythm – this is another beautiful key movement coordination fluid in the body! We will see how this ebb and flow relates to the movements in the joints for a whole body movement. We will look in detail at the cranium and the dura, the ventricles and the flow within.