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  • RIPA Center Moscow Moscow Russia (map)

Our somatic understanding of fascia is a gateway to understanding self and the relationship between inner and outer space. Not only can we discover aliveness in our tensegrity, our inner guiding strength, we can also learn how to connect into the web of community.

We don't need to employ effort to hold ourselves together! The inherent molecular structure of fascia and ligaments allows for rebound - the elasticity and strength is in the fabric and does not need extra effort. When the ligaments are in flow, awake, alive they provide a support for our actions, which are  orchestrated by our muscles. Muscles get to ride on  this tensegritous cohesion of the ligaments through our body.

Fascia separates and connects our organs, muscles, nerves and ligaments provide close connection and guidance for our actions - Exploring this layer of tissues can dramatically shift the ways that we hold ourselves and act int he world.

We will learn through movement, touch and discussion, how scientific-based information is embodied into experience and somatization.

Earlier Event: September 22
Organs/ Homologous / Ribs, Pelvis
Later Event: January 18
Muscles & Kinesthetic Integration