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Spine & Bones, Skeletal - Spinal Patterns

  • RIPA Center Moscow Moscow Russia (map)

Developmentally we are now leaving the ocean and the pre-spinal patterns and moving onto land , therefore growing our cartilage into bones! This support against gravity through the bones and joints allows easeful movement in space.

We will look at the actions at joints and their integration across the body - this sets our mind to perceive clarity and structure in space. This provides the basis for structural repatterning techniques that throughout the program add in the ligaments, muscles and organs.

Our bones harbor and protect the creation of blood in the marrow - so we can embody this depth in our lives. We can also learn more about the aliveness and the ability to constantly rebuild and re- form in our bone tissues - each of our movements in relationship to gravity incite growth. Here we re- define the resilience of these tissues and can offer our clients and students this sense of resilience.