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Embryo, Prevertebral Patterns & Intro to SomaticBODY

  • RIPA Moscow Center Aptekarsky Pereulok 9 Moscow Russia (map)

Embryo, Prevertebral Patterns & Touch:

This is the first workshop in the MOSCOW Somatic BODY Training - there are only a few slots available for students not enrolled in the whole program.

Our body begins creating its form during our embryological development. As tissues and structures develop, some remain with us, some are transformed into other structures, and some fade into the background, no longer existing or recognizable as the original structure. As with all development, the original processes have left us with deep-rooted patterns and templates that affect our movement, mind, and spirit. In exploring the embryological developmental process, we discover the primal roots of our structure, perception, presence, and flow.

The workshop is geared towards deepening into various themes of in utero development, and exploring how our cells flow and change to differentiate as we are becoming. It will also introduce the oceanic Developmental Movement patterns It is for movers, dancers, yoga practitioners, bodyworkers, and those from other body-mind disciplines interested in unraveling the mystery of embryological development as it relates to cellular consciousness, and movement.

Some of the themes: Fertilization, cellular choice-making, circulation and heart development, placenta, the three layers of the body, neurulation, kidney development and rotation of the limbs.

The workshop will be both meditative, somatic as well as offer times to move/ dance as well as support processes through hands-on touch.

Students of the 2 year 500 h Somatic BODY Training start with this unit and will have access to an online Embryology guide, to learn about this amazing field before, during and after the workshop. You will also receive some materials and make models.

 There are a limited amount of slots available for people not enrolled in the whole program.

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