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The Fluid Body

Join us for the next open workshop of Somatic Body Training by Christine Cole, April 10th-14th 2019 in Putney, Vermont!

Our Fluid Body - it preceded our nervous system, the rhythms of blood, lymph, cranial-sacral, cellular and interstitial fluids set the timing and experience of ourselves. We can allow feelings to be known and express or transform. Join this workshop to rejoin these ancient rivers, this ancient state of awareness and being!

The fluids are the ancient nervous system guiding information and substances around the body. We each tend to be more in tune with one or two of our fluid rhythms, which tends to tire our system! Re- inviting the actions and activities of say the lymph can strengthen our pull as well as our ability to sustain energy as well as rid ourselves from impurities and clarify and clean up proteins/ enzymes.

Fluids underlie DANCE - FLOW - awareness in MOTION.THis system is underestimated sometimes - but a majority of my private sessions benefit from the deep nourishment of FLOW and understanding CIrculation - giving and receiving, Cranial-sacral healing and embryonic breathing and movement. An important continuation of embryological development rhythms that set our Vagal tone and the basis of our Nervous System - as well as understanding the systemic support prebirth and post-birth as well as the role of the placenta in our spirit and resiliency.

We will learn through movement, touch and discussion, how scientific-based information is embodied into experience and somatization.

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