BMC Somatic Exploration TUESDAYS
to Jun 26

BMC Somatic Exploration TUESDAYS

TUESDAyS 10 - 12 am

A relaxed study group – focus is on personal weekly discovery, anatomy and rebalance. This class continues Oct – June

Please leave a message if you plan to come - in case of sickness or travel teaching I will let regular students know! 

Christine will be away in RUssia teaching April 20 - May 6 2018.

SIGN UP HERE!  or just come!

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Developmental Movement MOSCOW
to Apr 22

Developmental Movement MOSCOW

Developmental Movement Patterns from birth to walking

The Developmental Movement Patterns provide  different ways for the growing  baby to negotiate and engage with the world. These are basic neurological patterns the baby genetically evolves through, from birth to walking.  These movement templates are potent tools for coming into relatedness.

You will be guided through movement patterns and your own personal experience, through dance and touch.

This workshop will study the profound integration of relating and movement patterns: ways to be still and in tune with self, able to interact with others through reach, pull or push. Dancers will have opportunities to examine and expand their movement repertoire advance their Improvisation and Contact skills , Therapists will get more tools to assess and interact their clients in this spectrum, bodyworkers will add in new tools to approach the body in sessions.

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MOSCOW Embryology Intensive
to May 2

MOSCOW Embryology Intensive

Our body begins creating its form during our embryological development. As tissues and structures develop, some remain with us, some are transformed into other structures, and some fade into the background, no longer existing or recognizable as the original structure. As with all development, the original processes have left us with deep-rooted patterns and templates that affect our movement, mind, and spirit. In exploring the embryological developmental process, we discover the primal roots of our structure, perception, presence, and flow.

The workshop is geared towards deepening into various themes of in utero development, and exploring how our cells flow and change to differentiate as we are becoming. It is for movers, dancers, yoga practitioners, bodyworkers, and those from other body-mind disciplines interested in unraveling the mystery of embryological development as it relates to cellular consciousness, and movement.

Some of the themes: Fertilization, cellular choicemaking, circulation and heart development, placenta, the three layers of the body, neurulation, kidney development and rotation of the limbs.

The workshop will be both meditative, somatic as well as offer times to move/ dance as well as support processes through hands-on touch.

Students will have access to an online Embryology guide, to learn about this amazing field before, during and after the workshop. You will also receive some materials and make models.

  1. Introduction to Somatic Embryology - Fertilization
  2. One Cell – Many Cells
  3. Blood and Circulation, Placenta, Vessels
  4. 3 Germ layers to body
  5. Notochord - Neurulation
  6. Embryo: Rhythms of movement in Development
  7. Yolk/ Amnion - Autonomic rhythm
  8. Yolk to organs
  9. Limb Rotation
  10. Kidney / Bladder - migrations/ reinventions
  11. Integration / Overview
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Embryology of the Clitoris
to Jan 28

Embryology of the Clitoris

Somatic Exploration through research, meditation and dance. These teachers are engaging in live conversation on this NEW field of embodiment.
Jan 27, 28 2018 - SAT 11 am to 6 pm, SUN 11 am - 5:30
This is a workshop to explore the unknown territory of female genitalia - based on the embryological development from a undetermined 10 week embryo to a grown woman, This workshop is an EXPLORATION, dance, study, art and writing. 
All genders are WELCOME to this committed feminist space!

Christine and Nicole will be combining their substantial knowledge and will embark on a conversation in this evolving field!

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Embryology Online Jan/ Feb
to Feb 13

Embryology Online Jan/ Feb

6 week study guide, conversation and exploration on EMBRYOLOGY for the Moving Body.


Have you wanted to learn embryology from a somatic point of view?  Or deepen your understanding?

Delve into the mystery of your own becoming!

Get in DEEPER – Study  Course offers:

  •  One intro video – to watch anytime
  •  5 LIVE online WebVideo classes
  •   Live discussion time after class
  •  4 recorded audio somatizations 
  •  ONLINE community- share your experiences, questions, discoveries
  • Reference materials and handouts per class 


6 week study guide, conversation and exploration on EMBRYOLOGY for the Moving Body.

Embryo ONE: starts week of Jan 15 2018

Sun 11 am Melbourne AUS = Sat 7 pm USA EST
Monday 12 noon USA EST = 19:00 Berlin/ EUR = 20:00 St. Petersburg

1.Introduction to Somatic Embryology - Fertilization
2.One Cell – Many Cells
3. Blood and Circulation, Placenta, Vessels
4.3 Germ layers to body
5. Notochord - Neurulation
6. Summary Wrap up

Embryo TWO

Jan 16 - Feb 20
TUE 12:30pm USA EST / 20:30 Russia/ 19:30 Berlin

1.Embryo: Rhythms of movement in Development
2.Yolk/ Amnion - Autonomic rhythm
3. Yolk to organs
4.Kidney / Bladder - migrations/ reinventions
5.Neuro and brain/ Knowing SELF
6.Genitals, pelvic floor

Embryo THREE April 2018 dates coming

1.Intro - Applications
2.Kidney / Bladder - migrations/ reinventions
3.Genitals, pelvic floor
4.Mouth, palate, skull face
5.Ears, Eyes, nose - Perception
6.Integration / Overview

This class provides a framework for your studies, opportunities for your questions, and a community to bounce around your thoughts and inquiry.

 Christine Cole

studied Embryology with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen since 1998 and cotaught EMBRYOflow at Earthdance, MA in 2016.

This course is a surprise – as an online Skype supervision went fabulously and opened my eyes to the possibility of conveying somatic embodiment through my voice, visuals  and conversation.

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7:00 PM19:00


3 Events over 2 days featuring visiting Australian speaker Miroslav Petrovic and local Embodiment Expert Christine Cole.

• FRI 7 pm Risk Authenticity- Experiential Talk w/ Miroslav Petrovic (Aus)
In this experiential talk we will explore the drive of our inner impulses and the power they have to alter our outer world, spiritual path, and day to day relationships.
SAT 5pm Cellular Intuition - Movement Class w/ Christine Cole
Christine will lead a somatization on the cellular matrix of the body and its significant decision making power for our life, dance and healing. Learn, rest and move your body!

• Sat 7:30PM Body Meets Mind/ Live Conversation w/ Miroslav & Christine
This is an experiment in conversation between Miroslav Petrovic, an Australian speaker and Christine Cole, a local embodiment expert and dancer. Expect the unexpected.

Miroslav Petrovic has spoken across Australia and worked with over 4,000 people supporting them to reconnect to their hearts purpose. His work has been featured across mainstream media. Over the last 10 years he has traveled globally pushing himself to his own limits - from Amazonian jungle immersions to ashrams in India.
Speaking from the heart, his workshops are highly engaging and immersive, with a presence that softly yet powerfully invites the audience into the intimacy of the present moment, and a collective part of the dialogue, allowing them to speak and break through their own personal challenges.

Christine Cole is a registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, and Practitioner of Integrative Acupressure, with a practice in Body-Mind Centering that extends over 30 years. She's held Faculty positions at the School for Body-Mind Centering® in Amherst, MA and Amsterdam, Holland, and runs her own training in Boston, Vermont, Montreal and Northampton, MA. She has a lifelong practice in Contact Improvisation, Training in Post-Modern and Improvisational Dance and maintains a private practice in Developmental Bodywork in downtown Northampton, MA

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