Homework and Preparation Muscles and Contralateral Movement Pattern - 2019

and ….Get ready for 1st year SBT completion party!

 Prepare your Anatomy:

  1. Review and color the sections covering the muscles in the Anatomy Coloring Book-

  2. Dance. Work and Play your way through the muscles with your chosen book or video series. 

  3. Watch these youtube videos of Christine with Lorelie doing the developmental patterns,/ Look at these to see if there are other ways to look at muscle actions - other voices/ approaches PT's, Massage therapists/ Professors/ Computer animation: HERE: ,Squat exercise - , Pull Ups  anatomy analysis, Sit-Ups Analysis Video  Muscles of the upper arm and shoulder blade, Hip and Thigh, functional groups,  muscle spindlesSternocleidomastoid MuscleArm muscles - Origin, Insertion & Innervation,. Neuromuscular Junction,  Muscle Contraction ProcessMuscle Contraction Overview Animation,  Dr Preddy Neck Muscles. Anatomy Of The Foot & Ankle , intrinsic muscles of the foot.,  OVERARCHING IDEAS: Remember - Our muscle system is based on tensegrity, not individual WORK of  individual muscles:  Tensegrity wobbleMuscle FibersTensegrity DemonstrationTibial Internal Rotation Functional Mobilization, PNF Strengthening  Legs. Movement/ dance:Amazing Baby tries to sit, Alexander Ekman's A Swan Lake,  AIkido Vienna , Stability ball flow. Re:Rosas, the trailer

  4. Create a muscle Model: demonstrating one of the principles of the Muscle System: show us a specific kind of movement practice or dance: rollerblading, butoh dancing, yoga, aikido, ballet, acrobatics.....or teach us a dance or movement. Make a video, a obstacle course.

  5. Explore your muscles  - either in dance or in a regular practice you do.

  6. Stay connected with your folks!

through all this - follow your curiosity, make your own way, add in things that interest you........

Spirals - Contralateral introduces the ability to move in any and all directions freely